On-Site Expertise

It’s Called Mountain Air Realty for a Reason

Becky Stiles

To learn more about your real estate options at Mountain Air, talk to Becky Stiles, our on-site Broker-in-Charge and expert about all things Mountain Air. She has significant experience in handling properties here, and understands the elements that make this a special and unique private community.

She’ll gladly acquaint you with the lifestyle, available properties, and assist you in finding a home or homesite that fulfills your needs and desires.

If you’re a real estate broker with clients interested in Mountain Air, our real estate team is always ready and willing to assist you.

Becky is always available to answer questions, provide information and offer guidance. Call today, or stop by the Visitors Center.

Call Becky: 828-682-8200

Debbie Phillips

Debbie Phillips joined the team at Mountain Air in July 2019 as the Real Estate Assistant and earned her license as a NC Real Estate Broker in October 2020. Except for ten years spent as a musician residing in Nashville, Tennessee, she has lived in Yancey County for most of her adult life and raised her two children here. Prior to coming to Mountain Air, Debbie worked for a local attorney whose focus was mostly Real Estate Law, and she was part owner in a casual/upscale downtown eatery. Debbie, the artisan, is also known in the area as a jazz vocalist, and creator of Deb’s Decadent Apple, a regional favorite confectionary treat. Debbie’s dad, retired NC State Highway Patrol Sergeant Zeb Phillips, is the master craftsman who built most of the rustic split rail fences on Mountain Air, including the long, winding stretch of fencing on Mountain Air Drive. ​