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What is Mountain Air?

Mountain Air is a private gated community situated on over 500 acres atop Slickrock Mountain, encompassing more than 435 homes and condominiums. It is a relaxed and unpretentious place that has attracted people from around the country. A centerpiece of the community is Mountain Air Country Club that offers Members an unmatched range of amenities and services.

Is it easy to get to Mountain Air?

Compared to many communities, Mountain Air is fortunate to be served by excellent roads offering comfortable and safe four-lane access virtually to the gate. For pilots, there’s the added convenience of a 2,875 foot private runway that is the highest east of the Mississippi. Regional airports in Asheville and the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee are easily reached and offer excellent services.

Inside the community, you’ll enjoy gently winding, well-maintained roads that are a pleasure to drive. Also, golf carts are a standard form of transportation within Mountain Air, further simplifying getting around on a daily basis.

How long has Mountain Air been around?

The vision for Mountain Air was created by two local families, the Youngs and the Banks, who began its development in 1990.

How are utilities provided at Mountain Air?

The Mountain Air Utilities Corporation provides water and sewer, while electrical service is supplied by French Broad Electric Membership Cooperative, based in nearby Burnsville. Cable service is available through several resources.

Are there community fees?

Each property at Mountain Air pays a set monthly fee to the MAPOA that serves as the umbrella organization for the community. Individual condominium and single-family neighborhoods have their own associations that set fees and services.

What type of healthcare is available to residents?

Access to quality healthcare is always an important part of an active lifestyle, and Mountain Air residents take comfort in the availability of health services in the area. Asheville’s Mission Health System is one of North Carolina’s top-rated facilities (ranked first in 2018 by Business North Carolina), and is a nationally recognized referral center and Level II Trauma center. The hospital’s Mountain Area Medical Airlift (MAMA) can land on Mountain Air’s runway in approximately 10 minutes.

Blue Ridge Regional Hospital is part of the Mission Health System and is located a short drive from Mountain Air, and provides EMT services. In Burnsville, Blue Ridge Medical Center/Yancey Campus specializes in family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology.

In addition, the staff at Mountain Air Country Club is trained in emergency services and has specialized equipment available.

Who controls the runway and are there fees to use it?

The runway is operated and maintained by the Mountain Air Property Owners Association. It is a private runway open to residents and guests, with advance permission required to utilize it. There are no landing fees.

Is there accessible access to air travel in the area?

The regional airports at Asheville and Tri-Cities of Tennessee are easily accessible from Mountain Air and offer a selection of carriers and routes. The international airport at Charlotte is approximately 2 ½ hours from Mountain Air.

Where is Mountain Air?

Mountain Air is ideally situated atop Slickrock Mountain in Yancey County, just 30 minutes from Asheville. The nearby town of Burnsville, less than 10 minutes from the gate, provides residents with access to shopping, dining and services in a peaceful small-town setting.

Who operates Mountain Air?

The community and Club are owned and operated by our owners and Members. The overall operation is managed by the Mountain Air Property Owners Association (MAPOA) and an experienced property management company. Mountain Air Country Club is overseen by a board of directors made up of Members and a dedicated staff.

What's the elevation?

Homes at Mountain Air are situated at approximately 3,500 to nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. This elevation provides true long-range views, stretching to 50 miles and more, depending on the day. The community also enjoys an ideal four-season climate, with summer temperatures averaging in the low 70s. Winters are relatively mild, while the fall colors are spectacular and often last for weeks. In fact, the Club and golf course are open year-round, and there is a growing number of full-time residents.

Is reliable internet service available?

A unique feature at Mountain Air is the high-speed wireless broadband service provided to the entire Mountain Air community through a partnership with Skyrunner. This highly reliable access allows residents to work remotely and also enjoy streaming. The Skyrunner service is included in the monthly MAPOA fee.

What security and safety measures are in place?

The residents at Mountain Air place great emphasis on security and peace of mind. Access is available only through a gatehouse manned 24/7 by trained security personnel, and all guests and service providers must be cleared for admittance by a resident and register at the gate to receive a temporary pass.

There also is a fire station at Mountain Air, with two trucks housed there to ensure rapid response.

What is the climate like at Mountain Air?

Mountain Air enjoys four distinct seasons and overall mild temperatures over the course of the year. The average temperature in July, for example, is 72 degrees with relatively low humidity.

Who can use the runway?

The runway at Mountain Air is private, and, as a result, permission is required to land for non-owners. The necessary documents and information are available from the Mountain Air Property Owners Association, which controls and maintains the runway. In general, 48-hour notice is preferred. Pilots landing for the first time are required to watch a video and confer with a mentor pilot who is a Member of the Mountain Air Pilots Association.



What is Mountain Air Country Club?

Mountain Air Country Club is a Member-owned entity within the community, offering outstanding amenities and services.

Who is included in a Membership?

A Membership covers spouses (and partners), and dependent, unmarried children under 23 living at home or in college. Legacy benefits include parents, grandparents, non-dependent (grown) children, and grandchildren.

How many Members at Mountain Air Country Club?

There currently are 320 Members in all categories.

Where can a National Member stay when they are visiting?

National Members can rent a home or condo when visiting Mountain Air.

Is there outdoor recreation at Mountain Air?

The Club’s Outdoor Discovery Center, managed by a full-time naturalist, provides year-round nature and outdoor recreation programming for children and adults. In addition, the staff organizes and coordinates a variety of activities in the area, ranging from whitewater rafting to fishing to bird watching. There also are three trail systems on the Mountain and six parks open to all property owners.

Is the Club open on a year round basis?

Mountain Air is a year-round community with permanent residents. The Club also operates throughout the year, though schedules and services are limited during winter months. However, there always is plenty going on, with the golf course and learning center, tennis courts and fitness center open, and programs offered by the Discovery Center and wellness staff. The clubhouse and Mountain Market offer dining options during the winter on a limited schedule.

What types of memberships are offered?

Golf and social Memberships are offered on an equity basis. Full golf Memberships include unlimited play (cart fees only), while social Members have limited annual golf access but full use of the practice and training facilities. Non-resident Memberships also are offered.

What is offered under Club Membership?

Members enjoy access to all amenities, including golf, tennis, the heated pool, fitness center, outdoor recreation, the Mountain Market, and clubhouse and bar/grill providing dining. A complete calendar of activities and programs is offered, as well as special events throughout the year.

What is a National Membership?

National Memberships are offered to those living outside a 15-mile radius of Mountain Air and that do not own property at Mountain Air. It’s a good option for someone who can drive or fly to the community.

What wellness programs are offered?

The Club coordinates an array of group fitness classes and personal training. The on-site Spa Tohi offers a menu including massage therapies and personalized services such as facials and manicures/pedicures.

Are property owners required to be Club Members?

Membership at Mountain Air Country Club is a choice and a privilege, unlike many other communities. However, access to the Club’s amenities and programs is available only to Members and their guests.

More Membership questions?

For complete information, contact Marley Knowles at 828-682-1732 or



What type of properties are available at Mountain Air?

Mountain Air can satisfy just about every need and desire with its existing single-family homes and condominiums that range in size and price. Homesites also are available for someone interested in building a custom mountain getaway.

Can outside brokers show property at Mountain Air?

All licensed brokers are always welcome to bring clients to Mountain Air and show properties. In fact, our on-site real estate team is always available to provide property information, make arrangements for showings and arrange a tour of the club.

Are there architectural standards?

Under the community’s covenants, there is an Architectural Review Board that approves designs for new homes and renovations to ensure respect for the established styles, features and finishes in keeping with mountain traditions, particularly the use of stone and wood. A harmonious look and feel is important to Mountain Air’s residents, particularly in maintaining the balance with the natural setting.

Is Club Membership included in the fees?

Mountain Air Country Club is a separate entity within the community, and Membership and its privileges are offered to property owners, but not required.

Are there real estate brokers on-site at Mountain Air?

Mountain Air Realty is the on-site real estate firm that specializes in properties on the Mountain, and maintains offices in the Visitors Center. This team has significant experience in handling sales here and understands the elements that make this a special and unique private community. They can be reached at 828-682-8200 and

Is it possible to visit Mountain Air to learn more about the community?

We offer a Mountain Experience Package that is the ideal way to explore Mountain Air. The package includes lodging in our Falling Leaf Lodge at the club and access to all amenities. Also included is a guided tour of the community and the properties available here.

Is there a Homeowners Association?

The overall management and upkeep of the community falls under the member-operated Mountain Air Property Owners Association that is funded by a monthly fee from all properties. Each condominium neighborhood has its own homeowners association that sets its fees and services. There also are single-family neighborhoods that operate under organized associations. As a result, fees and services vary.

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