Our Stories Define Who We Are

The Club and amenities at Mountain Air have been designed for people and families to interact with each other 12 months out of the year and to have experiences that will last forever as memories. Folks here feel a familial connection to staff and other residents. Whether meeting up at Slickrock Village Green, stepping into Orville & Wilbur’s on a Friday night, or simply passing each other on the trails, everything feels like a big extended family retreat. Tables get pushed together. Relationships reignite. Laughter, inevitably, ensues. Some people escape to the mountains to get away. But here, the focus is on coming together. To own at Mountain Air is to join our family.

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Colette + Buzz


Tim Plunkett + Carolyn Paul

Mary Anne Smith

Janice + Glen Varnadoe

Dalia Lagoa + Avra Jain

Tom + Joan Wright

Susan + Jeff Osborne

Slickrock Village Green

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The Vision

What Our Members Say


“It’s what we can do together. All the things we can’t do in Florida, we do here.”

– Lori + Greg


“If it’s not here and you want it, they will bend over backwards to help you create it.”

– Linda + Trevor


“I’ve flown all around the United States, and there is nothing like landing and taking off at Mountain Air. It is beautiful and exhilarating! I love this place where there are great people, aviation, golf, nice weather, outdoor and social activities. It’s impossible to choose my favorite thing at Mountain Air.”

– Jim, Pilot & Cirrus Owner


“I now live on Mountain Air full time. For the last five years of my working life, I would fly from my home to Mountain Air on Fridays and return on Monday mornings. It gave me a new lease on life!”

– Trevor, Pilot & Diamond Owner 


“As a Florida pilot, I bought at Mountain Air to escape the summer heat. From my runway home in Florida to Mountain Air is a two-hour flight instead of a 10-hour drive, and where I enjoy an average summertime temperature of 72 degrees. In the fall the colors of the forest from my patio is spectacular.”

– Clark, Cessna Owner


“I think I have found aviation heaven! I have been flying for over 40 years, and about 10 years ago I found what I consider to be the best retreat/vacation home community in the USA. It’s a short hop to most anywhere on the eastern seaboard. I love flying, and it doesn’t get any better than this. We are currently building our new home on the runway with spectacular views of the golf course and Blue Ridge mountains.”

– Arvid, Eurocopter Pilot & Pilatus Owner


“When looking for an airpark community to call home, we wanted to combine it with an interesting neighborhood, mountain views, outdoor adventure, entertainment such as music, theater, and the arts, learning opportunities, and a strong community with diverse people. Mountain Air has exceeded our expectations on all fronts.”

– Linda, Commercial Pilot, Airframe & Power Mechanic 


“Having a private airstrip at our ‘front door’ gives us the freedom to enjoy easily all that Mountain Air has to offer. And, the runway enhances our experience at the mountain because it offers us the opportunity to be around other aviation enthusiasts.”

– Eddie, Pilot & Pilatus Owner 


“This was the first place we looked at for a possible retirement home. Within an hour, I was sold.”

– Becky Schmidt + Darrell Heasley


“Everybody seems to leave their ego at the gate, so we get to know people as people.”

– Gloria + Alex

“I love the convenience, challenge, and beauty of flying into Mountain Air. Being able to quickly escape my hectic and stressful daily life allows me to rest, recharge and play in these beautiful mountains.”

– JD, Pilot & Piper Meridian Owner


“Skimming over the rugged mountains and tall evergreens, I am always taken aback by the awesome beauty of the approach to Mountain Air. It is a terrain of manicured fairways, lush vegetation, and homes that seem to blend in naturally. Landing on the runway at the peak of this mountain is thrilling, and I’m fortunate to call this paradise my home.”

– Steve, Pilot & Robinson R44 Owner