Our Community’s History

Mountain Air’s History Has Local Roots

The grand vision of two families with deep roots in the local community – the Banks and the Youngs – is the foundation for the creation of Mountain Air. Beginning in the 1990s, the collective aim was the creation of a mountaintop retreat unmatched in its physical beauty and unaffected in its charm.

Relying on their expertise in lumbering and heavy construction, the families took on the daunting challenge of carving Mountain Air from over 1,000 acres of rugged land marked by thick forests and sheer rock outcroppings.

Under the guidance of Lead Developer Randy Banks, the development continued and prospered, with Owners and Members later taking the reins. Today, the community consists of more than 400 homes and condominiums carefully placed to complement rather than detract from our mountain’s beauty.

Built By Mountain Hands

The iconic split rail fences that line the property have a special place in broker, Debbie Phillips’ heart. Her father, Zeb, built them by hand. Using the timber Zeb had harvested from the property, he and his and crew set to splitting the wood by hand. They dug the holes without machinery and assembled the beautiful fences one post and rail at a time. Zeb’s hard work and craftsmanship remain a fixture at Mountain Air and a testament to the devotion of the builders here.

“I got enough raw material right here off the property to build these fences. It was all cut locally.”

– Zeb Phillips