The Arts

Unmatched Beauty, Unbridled Talent

With Yancey County and the surrounding areas being home to more artists per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., it’s no wonder that the art at Mountain Air is as breathtaking as the view. This hub draws artists from all over the country to visit and live. The result is a diverse art scene that includes painters, photographers, musicians and more.

Bringing Art Onto The Mountain

As Mountain Air pursued their Facilities Improvement Plan in early 2020, the Design Committee came up with the brilliant idea of using local art to decorate the dining room and other areas of the Clubhouse. The result is a satellite gallery that Members and artists both benefit from. When the Clubhouse was officially revealed, Mountain Air invited Members to a “Meet the Artist” event where they hosted 18 area artists that had been featured around the Clubhouse. Since then, several Members have commissioned artwork from these and other local artists. With this clear Member enthusiasm for the arts, Mountain Air is looking to expand their art programs with fresh ideas, such as inviting artists to the green to paint the unmatched natural beauty found in the views around Mountain Air. 

natural beauty and outdoors at mountain air