There’s Something About The Mountains

For as far back as you can remember, going to the mountains held a special attraction. The winding roads, the abundance of nature, the cool, clean air – they all acted as signposts to a destination you both saw with your eyes and felt in your heart. The mountains were, are, and forever will be… magical.

The Name Says It All

The destination mountain community of Mountain Air embraces the timeless appeal of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and merges it with an inviting, year-round lifestyle designed for today’s families. A lifestyle that is both new and familiar. Soothing and adventurous. Communal. Inspiring. Effortless.

We invite you to experience it for yourself, where the higher altitude offers a cool respite from the summer heat. Take in the view. Breathe deeply. Embark on adventures and discover the magic that is Mountain Air.

Find Your Dream Home Here

Living choices abound here at Mountain Air. Homes in varying sizes and styles are beautifully situated around the mountain, while condominiums offer easy living with virtually every aspect of maintenance included. And there also are homesites for the discerning individual desiring to build that custom mountain getaway.

Best of all, the homes here are thoughtfully designed and integrated into the natural setting to complement rather than compete with Mother Nature.

But words and pictures can only tell part of the story, so please come soon for a visit.


Explore Mountain Air.