First Time Landing at Mountain Air?

Mountain Air is a private facility. Permission to land must be requested and granted prior to arrival.

Steps to Fly In to Mountain Air

Flying into Mountain Air is a convenient way to access your mountain getaway. We have established strict procedures in order for all pilots to enjoy a safe arrival and departure from this unique runway.

Pro tip: Landing at Mountain Air is not recommended for new or rusty pilots.

  1. Send in a copy of your aircraft insurance declaration page to Mountain Air POA Administration at
  2. Read the Pilots Manual.
  3. Study takeoff and landing procedures and watch videos.
  4. Speak with one of the local, experienced pilots on the phone for a briefing. List to be provided to you by Mountain Air POA Administration.
  5. Receive PPR# from Mountain Air prior to landing.
  6. Enjoy your time on the Mountain!

Mountain Air NOTAMS

There are no current long-term or scheduled NOTAMS for Mountain Air.  Please refer to our Facebook page for any short term NOTAMS.

Airstrip Identifier: 2NC0 (Two NC Zero)

Length: 2875 feet

Elevation: 4,436 feet (Highest-elevation runway east of the Mississippi)

Residents: Community of 50+ pilots

Aircraft: Airstrip accommodates small jets to all general aviation aircraft and helicopters

Variety of aircraft already on mountain include King Air, Pilatus, Cirrus, Cessna, Bonanza, Diamond, Eurocopter, and Robinson helicopters

Services: Concierge service is provided through the on-site Pro Shop. No fuel or maintenance.

Close proximity to larger airports with fuel and services: 0A9 (Elizabethton, TN), KAVL (Asheville), KTRI (Johnson City), KSPA (Spartanburg), KHKY (Hickory), KGKT (Gatlinburg), 7A8 (Avery County/Spruce Pine)

Weather stations and cameras on runway accessible via Internet

PLEASE NOTE: private airstrip – advanced permission required

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